How Do You Choose An SD-WAN Platform?

Do you need a Swiss Army Knife or a specialized tool that best meets a specific need?

What's the right decision? Your choice depends on a mountain of factors, including rapidly changing requirements, existing security/routing/switching infrastructure and even the crazy whims of company execs. Believe me, it ain't an easy call.

That said, I'm becoming a fan of some specialists thriving in the Thunderdome-ish SD-WAN market, including Bigleaf Networks. Appreciating Bigleaf's tight focus on the core SD-WAN values, from real-time biz apps (VOIP, RDP, Citrix and others) protection to truly no-nonsense "plug-and-play".

Put aside all the SD-WAN hype. If your choice achieves just these two things (along with less trouble tickets from angry users), job well done. And since Bigleaf snagged millions more in funding last week, guessing they'll be around for a while...

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