Endoscopes Aren't Just For Doctors and Plumbers...

Read all about the Ploutus.D malware that'll "jackpot" an ATM (emptying all its cash) and is now spreading from Mexico to the US. Criminal gangs, posing as ATM technicians and armed with endoscopic cameras, are accessing the ATM internals to deploy Ploutus.D, per a Secret Service warning posted by Brian Krebs over the weekend.

Like phony ATM technicians, bad actors will find the weak points in your business-critical infrastructure through phishing attempts, compromising weak login credentials and other methods. How secure are you and who's watching 24x7 for the bad guys?

At Trestle Networks, we work closely with our Managed Security and Managed WiFi customers to lockdown and 24x7 monitor their infrastructure against attacks and ensure PCI v3.2 compliance. Contact me to learn more and subscribe to trestleNEWS to see these daily posts.

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