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Network Design & Deployment

Whether the customer’s needs are large or small, short-term or long-term, Trestle Networks' Network Design & Deployment services are always delivered in an iterative, proven project lifecycle approach. Each project phase can be purchased separately or as integrated components of an overall project.The Trestle Networks multi-phase approach is always innovative and agile, yet follows industry best-practices, with customer deliverables of solid documentation and onsite/remote presentations to key customer personnel.


Needs Assessment


 In this phase, Trestle Networks will work closely with the customer to identify all the business and technical requirements. And through intensive data collection and data analysis, we will compile solid recommendations as input for a trusted network architecture. We will focus on topics including:

  • Identifying in-scope and out-of-scope locations and systems

  • Recent operational issues with existing network infrastructure, if applicable

  • Performance needs

  • PCI DSS 3.2 and/or HIPAA compliance

  • Application visibility and other security needs

  • Manageability

  • Scalability

  • Modularity

  • Anticipated 6 to 12-month site changes that may impact any current network analysis or design recommendation



In this phase, Trestle Networks will use our analysis and recommendations to architect the right solution to meet all customer business and functional needs.

Following best-practice design principles (along with others) will be integral to our work. The design process will be iterative, with frequent design reviews between Trestle Networks, the customer and other parties as necessary. The end goal is a smart design that meets the customer’s requirements with the flexibility/modularity to change as the customer's requirements change. The architecture may include:

  • Proposed hardware and software (including cost estimates)

  • LAN cabling and management methods

  • WAN analysis and optimization

  • Physical and logical design (including detailed documentation, IP addressing schema and CoS/QoS)

  • Security-centric design

  • POC (proof-of-concept) testing


Deployment & Testing

 In this phase, Trestle Networks can actually deploy the customer’s infrastructure. Based on internal and external factors, including the customer’s network size, project scope, hardware/software procurement schedules, WAN circuit provisioning and site readiness for deployment, this phase may last from one day (e.g. a single-site firewall installation or upgrade) or extend over several months (e.g. a worldwide greenfield network). The phase may include:

  • Detailed physical and logical configuration

  • Hardware and software procurement assistance

  • Per-site and per-device deployment scheduling and execution

  • Final verification/validation testing

Project Management

Trestle Networks will lead all planning of each project phase, including tasks, sub-tasks, hours worked and deadlines. We support a collaborative and flexible relationship, fostering open, honest communications with all customers.

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