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WiFi Site Surveys & Deployment

Whether for a single location or multiple unique sites, Trestle Networks' WiFi Site Survey & Deployment services are always delivered in a methodical and proven approach, following industry best practices. Our personnel utilize the industry’s best tools and provide all customers with top-notch deliverables throughput all phases of the engagement, ensuring a trusted enterprise-class WiFi infrastructure.


Needs Assessment

Trestle Networks will work closely with the customer to identify all the business and technical requirements, through intensive face-to-face data collection and data analysis. We will focus on topics including:

- Identifying in-scope and out-of-scope locations

- Recent operational issues with existing WiFi infrastructure, if applicable

- Coverage and capacity needs

- Application visibility, intrusion prevention and other security features

- PCI DSS 3.2 and/or HIPAA compliance

- Manageability, scalability and modularity

- Anticipated 6 to 12-month site changes that may impact any current WiFi analysis or design recommendation


Pre-Deployment Site Survey

After completion of the needs assessment, Trestle Networks will visit each in-scope customer site and perform an initial inspection of the environment. Our work will include:

- RF spectrum analysis of the customer site(s) including the detection and measurement of RF interference from microwave equipment, neighboring and legacy Wi-Fi infrastructure, Bluetooth devices and other radio sources. This is essential to any successful WiFi deployment. For any interference sources identified, Trestle Networks will work with each customer in addressing any interference sources prior to proceeding with Wi-Fi survey activities.

- Validation of the site dimensions (in feet or meters) against each customer-provided floor plan or – at additional cost – Trestle Networks-created floor plan.

- Identification of existing APs placement, if applicable

- Identification of RF obstacles and site building materials for use in predictive planning


Predictive Planning

Trestle Networks will use our many years of Wi-Fi experience and state-of-the-art predictive planning tools to deliver a WiFi architecture (or re-design an existing environment) meeting each customer’s requirements with the flexibility/modularity to evolve along as per-site requirements change. Our work will include:

- Wi-Fi industry best practices and platform-specific AP model recommendations (existing, new and refresh for placement) based on customer’s feature, security and performance requirements

- Design for client coverage, density, application types, application throughput and device types (including guest and PCI DSS CDE in-scope devices)

- CoS and QoS settings recommendations, based on customer’s traffic types, WAN speeds and other factor

- 5GHz and 2.4GHz cell sizing, channel planning and addressing of 802.11 legacy standards (including setting minimum data rates)

- AP placement onto customer-provided floor plans or Trestle-created floor plans (extra charge required for floor plan creation), including multi-level environment

- Per-AP client capacity planning, based on airtime consumption, required per-client bandwidth and application traffic types

If this is a “greenfield” WiFi installation or a Wi-Fi refresh, we will happily offer a design using our preferred vendors as part of our managed services offering. However, our team also has the experience to offer design recommendations that suit many other vendor’s equipment.


Deployment & Active Site Survey

Trestle Networks will collaborate with the customer and any of their 3rd party vendors to deploy Wi-Fi design (Trestle Networks-provided APs or 3rd-party APs) and then perform extensive, hands-on site survey to verify all Wi-Fi features and functionality. Our on-site work will include:

- Verification of RSSI and SNR at points across the entire coverage area

- TCP and UDP throughput testing during off-peak and peak client density

- Client splash page loading and authentication verification for all SSIDs

- Client roaming between APs

- Redundant AP coverage verification for 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios

- As-necessary design & configuration adjustments based on active site survey results


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