2FA? MFA? Just Do It.

How many Gmail users have enabled two-factor authentication?

Less than 10%. A quick show of hands... Are you on the secure side of that statistic?

The overall two-factor (or multi-factor auth) adoption rate is still a paltry 28% as of November 2017, per Dark Reading. I'm a longtime Google Authenticator user, one of many slick options (including Authy and less-secure SMS). Don't keep putting it off. Enable 2FA/MFA on your personal accounts and mandate it for all business apps. And for Google G Suite, don't forget to securely store backup codes in case your phone is ever MIA...

At Trestle Networks, we work closely with our Managed Security and Managed WiFi customers to harden credentials and enforce multi-factor authentication, a PCI DSS 3.2 requirement. Contact me to learn more and subscribe to trestleNEWS to read these daily posts.


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