Casually Bypassing TSA...

A quick thought on my trip this morning through Denver's TSA "security theater". 

Have you seen this happen?  A male traveler was stopped upon exit from our line's full-body scanner. For whatever reason, he then received a pat down and other attention from multiple TSA officers. In response to the line delay, another officer waived at least 6 other travelers -- including myself -- through the old-school metal detectors instead, skipping both a full-body pat down or scan ("deep inspection").

This (I hope) non-malicious "denial of service" triggered a casual bypass of TSA's perimeter security, simply keep the line moving. Wondering how many times this happens daily at airports, coast-to-coast? Might bad actors take advantage of this bypass, use it as a "smoke screen" for their real attacks? Oh boy...safe travels...

In your business, are you guilty of cutting security corners to complete a project, quickly close a ticket or simply get network traffic moving? 

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