Nissan's Mind Monitoring

It's time to start designing and deploying MIPS (Mind Intrusion Prevention Systems)... Read about Nissan's B2V (Brain-to-Vehicle) system under development. Much like Microsoft's patent application for mind-based app control, it gives new, creepy meaning to "read", "write" and "execute" permissions.

In the not-to-distant future, will you let car companies and others watch your mind, in the name of safety, usability and performance? I won't be an early adopter...

At Trestle Networks, we work closely with our Managed Security and Managed WiFi (powered by Mojo Networks) customers to lockdown and 24x7 monitor business-critical systems (minds excluded), essentials for PCI compliance. Contact me to learn more and subscribe to the trestleNEWS blog to see these daily posts.


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