The Rick Astley Vulnerability

Creaking doors. Breaking glass. Rick Astley. You deserve those jarring sounds for allowing inbound Internet access to a WiFi-connected speaker. As insane as it sounds, Trend Micro ID'd up to 5,000 Sonos devices and 500 Bose devices wide open to the big, bad world. Please, be mindful of home network security. A poorly secured home network is a sweet way to access many corporate networks!

At Trestle Networks, we work closely with our Managed Security and Managed WiFi (powered by Mojo Networks) customers to tightly secure firewall policies and segregate devices by network function, for 100% PCI DSS 3.2 compliance. Don't be sloppy with your security. Contact me to learn more and sign up for trestleNEWS at www.trestlenetworks.com to receive these daily posts.


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