Managed Security


YOUR BUSINESS IS AT RISK without a secure, 24x7 monitored IT infrastructure. IT’S THAT SIMPLE. Protect your valuable data and systems from both internal and external network-based threats.  Poor security practices lead directly to costly breaches, loss of revenue and adverse impacts to your business reputation. 

ACT NOW. Leave your network security to us. Focus on running your business.

Our Managed Security solution brings enterprise-class design, deployment and cutting-edge MSSP features to your environment. Trestle Networks will provide you the firewalls and other tools to meet your needs or we can take over all management of your existing infrastructure. Our personnel are experienced with a wide variety of security platforms, including:


Key Features

Trestle InSight, our 24x7x365 SIEM-based security monitoring, deep-dive system performance/health monitoring and NetFlow collection

Periodic and on-demand vulnerability scanning

Long-term system log retention

PCI DSS 3.2 compliance services (including per-site compliance assessments, remediation and ongoing management)

Best-in-class application security, UTM and IDP

Full configuration and software management (including policy and patch management)

Periodic system configuration backups and on-demand restoration

Trusted security incident response/handling and full lifecycle management

Support for diverse security platforms (bring your own firewall or work with Trestle Networks to select one that meets your budget and performance needs)


Trusted Management

Trestle Networks' 24x7x365 SOC is built upon decades of network security expertise and utilizes industry-best SIEM, distributed security monitoring technology, essential systems health/performance monitoring and our trusted security incident response/handling approach (following proven, well-documented SANS Institute methods).

We protect your business from diverse cybersecurity vulnerabilities and disruptive attacks, while maintaining the uptime required for business-critical applications.


Which package best fits your business needs?


  • NBD Remote Support Response Time SLA

  • 2 monthly remote support requests with affordable one-time fees for additional requests

  • On-site support availability from our trusted personnel*


  • 1-Hour Remote Support Response Time SLA

  • 4 monthly remote support requests with affordable one-time fees for additional requests

  • On-site support availability from our trusted personnel*


  • Customized systems health, performance and security monitoring

  • Customized remote and On-Site Support Response Time SLAs

  • Dedicated personnel availability*

  • Unlimited remote support requests

  • On-site support availability from our trusted personnel*


* Feature requires additional one-time fees and availability depends on factors including customer site(s) access requirements and proximity to major metro areas

* Feature requires additional monthly fees

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